Scrap Car Buyers in Grand Rapids, MI

Top-notch Scrap Car Buyers in Grand Rapids, MI

Need scrap car buyers in Grand Rapids, MI? D & R Enterprise can make the sale of your vehicle convenient and financially rewarding. Our professional staff specializes in efficient services to make selling a scrap vehicle both straightforward and profitable.


How It Works

Are you ready to turn your scrap car into cash? D & R Enterprise makes the process straightforward and rewarding in Grand Rapids, MI. Contact them now! Our scrap car buyers in Grand Rapids, MI, offer simple solutions.


Assessment and Quote

Our team will promptly inspect your car to provide you with an honest and affordable quote.


Schedule Towing

Once we accept our offer, we'll arrange complimentary towing at a time convenient for you.


Finalize the Sale

Our on-site team will handle the necessary paperwork and pay out according to the agreement, turning your scrap car into instant cash!


Why Choose D&R Enterprise

Fair Assessment for All Conditions: No matter the state of your scrap car, our experienced team offers fair and honest appraisal services. Each vehicle is distinct, so we ensure a competitive offer based on its specific condition.

Competitive Offers: At our scrap car buying services, our dedication to fair and reasonable pricing extends to purchasing scrap vehicles at fair and competitive prices as well. Our goal is to make the entire selling experience worthwhile for you.

Complimentary Towing Services: Are you concerned about how to transport a non-running scrap car? Our services offer complimentary towing so that the process runs smoothly from start to finish. We make the whole experience simple for you!

Environmentally Responsive Practices: D & R Enterprise’s commitment to sustainability means we ensure scrap cars are handled with eco-friendly recycling practices in mind. When you choose us, you are contributing towards eco-friendly recycling initiatives!

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