Junk Car Buyers in Grand Rapids, MI

Junk Car Buyers in Grand Rapids, MI - D & R Enterprise

Are you fed up with having an old car take up space in your driveway or garage? D&R Enterprise provides the ideal solution to turn junk car buyers in Grand Rapids, MI. Our professional team of junk car buyers in Grand Rapids, MI, offers a convenient and rewarding process when selling your unwanted vehicle to us.


How It Works


Contact Us

Contact D & R Enterprise via phone or our website in order to provide us with the basic details of your junk car.


Get a Quote

Our team will quickly evaluate all details surrounding your junk car and provide an equitable and fair quote for its sale.


Schedule Towing

We'll arrange for the complimentary towing of your vehicle from its current location to ours.


Complete the Sale

Once on site, we'll complete all necessary paperwork and hand you the agreed-upon payment, turning your unwanted car into instant cash!


Why Choose D & R Enterprise

Fair and competitive offers: We understand the true value of your vehicle, no matter its condition. Our knowledgeable appraisers are dedicated to offering fair and competitive offers for junk cars to ensure you receive maximum value for them.

Efficient and Transparent Process: Selling your junk car should not be a stressful or complex process. Our efficient process, from initial quote to sale, ensures a simple and transparent experience for our customers.

Complimentary Towing Services: We are proud to offer complimentary towing services as an added convenience for you when transporting non-running vehicles to us. This makes the process more seamless than ever!

Environmental Responsibility: We’re dedicated to practicing environmentally responsible business. When you sell your junk car to us, not only are you making some extra cash, but you are contributing towards sustainable recycling practices as well!

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